June 9, 2023

The War of Vegetables by Peter Sheridan

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Philo, with his tattoos and one hundred and twenty kilos, lives in Dublin's docklands. Coming from a difficult environment, she is exuberant and has trouble controlling herself.

The plot
Fleeing a violent husband, abandoning for a time his children, Philo decides to take refuge in a convent and to become a nun there. On the spot, she will help a merchant and a vegetable merchant, at war for forty years, to declare themselves their love.

The decor
The dilapidated area, docklands Dublin, formerly highly rated, and today being razed.

The style
Peter Sheridan grew up in the neighborhood and the mood portrayed in his novel. As a result, his descriptions are full of emotions.

Three adjectives to describe this book
Sweet-salty, crisp, delicious.

Why you will like
Because from the very first pages, you will become attached to Philo's character. And because in the following, you will gradually become friends with all those around him.

The author
Peter Sheridan is one of the leading authors of Irish theater. He has already written two novels, "The Child of Dublin" and "Forty Seven Roses", appreciated by critics and audiences alike.

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Read the first pages

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