April 20, 2024

Tips for a perfect French manicure

In the trade, you will find kits to easily and cleanly make your French manicure.

Prepare your manicure as you are used to: filing nails (short nails are prettier for a French manicure), regrowing cuticles, nourishing cream, etc.

Put your base on the nails. Not only does it protect your nail from varnish, but what's more, the white line layout will be easier.

To draw a beautiful white line of varnish on the edge of the nail, proceed with a slow but continuous brushstroke. A tip: follow the edge of the nail but go over the pink of the nail if necessary. White polish should not be too intense. As white is sometimes difficult to put cleanly, get yourself in the trade of scotches that apply below the free part of the nail to guide the line.

To correct a white line, pass the correction mark or a cotton swab slightly moistened with solvent as soon as possible after the error.

Remove on the finger pulp the white varnish that has overflowed with the correction pen or cotton swab dipped in the solvent.

Let the white line dry well, 10 to 15 minutes before putting your nail polish transparent in one or two layers.

To make your French manicure last, do not forget to put on a layer of protective top coat.
Our advice
The French manicure on the feet is very elegant and discreet. As beautiful with the beach flip flops as with the evening sandals, you can afford to match it to a nail polish more lively on the hands.

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