May 28, 2024

Tips for tying a roast

In Masterchef, you will understand, we ask our fans to know the products and to demonstrate an irreproachable technique. Having failed on the first point, the duos Oliver-Marine and Ilham-Sabrina had to defend their place in the competition with a piece of beef and a string.
String a roast? It seems stupid. And yet, it requires a lot of rigor and precision.

First stage :
We start by crossing the string on the side and the length of our piece. It will add some clothes to the meat.

Second step :
We turn our roast, and we knot a string tight enough to about two centimeters from the edge. For the sake of the smallest detail, we can shift the knot on the edge, it will be nicer after cooking.

Last step :
With the technique of the flowing knot, we make a rather wide loop in which we pass the roast. We tighten, being careful to keep a space of two centimeters between the two strings. And so on, until the end of the song.
All the stake is based on the regularity of the stringing: the diameter must be identical from end to end. Interest? An absolute mastery of cooking his roast, just that! Ilham and Sabrina have lacked precision, the verdict is not long: test under pressure. So to tie a roast almost closed eyes like Olivier, you have to practice, practice and practice!

How to Classic-Tie a Roast (May 2024)