January 16, 2022

To take away his daughter to breathe a little

Faced with the behavior of his girl who rejects the food, Valérie decides to take her to a specialist in behavioral eating disorders (TCA). From the first appointment, the teacher makes the diagnosis. Finally someone put his girl facing his problem. "It scared him, but I think I did not want to admit it, even though I had never really been interested in this disease, I had thought about it. pronounced the word anorexia, I thought naively that things would get better, that my girl would heal quickly. But there is no miracle cure. "The process is ripe and Justine continues to destroy herself, so much so that her parents think about having her interned in a psychiatric hospital, so far she goes, the teenager's TOCS (Behavioral Disorders) get worse. wants to regulate everything at home, take the place of his mother, be the queen.The doctors decide to ask him a gastric tube to feed it. "We lived terrible moments of doubt, discouragement. I even thought about suicide, I was exhausted. My husband planned to leave the house, his girl pushed him away. Our couple was very shaken by this, and our other two girls as well. "
Lost in the face of such ill-being, Valerie uses very harsh words in the book when she addresses her girl "It was almost a party when you were away from us, we were finally living." It made life unbearable. It could not last anymore. "Because after the period of anorexia, Justine has fallen into the opposite extreme, the bouts of bulimia.This force-feeding was also unsustainable for her relatives.

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