March 26, 2023

True / false about pleasure: With time and the same partner, the pleasure decreases

That the dull lovers reassure themselves: it is false. Certainly, with time, the first emotions disappear, the excitement of the beginning disappears, but it is up to you to maintain the flame! Fight the routine, reboost his libido, vary the pleasure, think outside the box, communicate to satisfy each other, these are the keys to a fulfilling sex life.

How to maintain the flame? Do not be content with the conjugal room to splurge, arrange time, go out for two, weekend getaways, never stop to seduce him, to be desired. It's work, but the game is worth it!

The desire change but the pleasurestay with you if you put in yours. Some couples have never been more sexually fulfilled than after ten years together. They discover little by little new desires, new practices to reach ecstasy. The Don Juans have no more excuses! A couple, it is maintained, even in the bedroom!

Let's Talk About Sex: The Reality of the Sexual Pleasure Disparity | Grace Wetzel | TEDxStLawrenceU (March 2023)