August 2, 2021

Unusual accommodations for a great family vacation!

Like the Indians!
Your children like to play cowboys and indians? Does your daughter swear by Pocahontas? Suggest that they spend a night under a teepee! Before you go on an adventure, learn about the practicalities: should you come with sheets? How many people can the tent accommodate? Where is the toilet block located? Depending on the offer, the tipi can also be equipped with a stove or an auxiliary heater. Ideal if the temperature drops!

Bohemian version
Another habitat that appeals greatly to familiesit's the trailer. If you want to move with your tribe, know that some providers offer itinerant rides with this means of transport and accommodation. But in most cases, the trailer remains fixed. Again, make a list of what to bring along such as sheets or dishes. According to the host, it is also possible to rent on site: a cot, a raclette service or a TV. What to travel the light spirit.

A green rental!
Want to reconnect with nature? Choose an ecological housing! The site Ikinat referenced a multitude of accommodations, the most authentic as a wooden house, the most unusual as a floating cabin, a trapper tent or a troglodyte house. The site also has a search engine to find a home 100% green, eat organic products, fair trade, vegetarian or homemade, or to enjoy a healthy place or a natural outdoor environment. We love !

Direction Mongolian steppes
Spend your tribe spending a night in a yurt. However, there is something for everyone. Some yurts are equipped with shower and toilet, while for others, you have to go to the sanitary block a few meters further. Western or Mongolian decor, kitchenette, television, running water, games available, electricity ... are all points to address to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also, make sure the yurt has a stove or an auxiliary heater. Anyway, rest assured, this type of habitat is very comfortable and you will feel at home quickly!

Stay at the farm
To raise awareness of your heads in the countryside and animals, nothing like a night spent on a farm. The Bienvenue à la ferme network includes guesthouses, lodges and camping areas set up on farms. The goal ? Make agriculture, livestock and local products known to young and old alike. To know: the site proposes a formula "holidays ofchildren To register your toddler at a summer camp on the farm.

A cabin in the woods
If it is an unusual accommodation that will please both your children to your man, it's the hut. And it's even better if she is perched at the top of a tree! Again, find out about the comfort level. For example, some cabins are equipped with dry toilets while for others, it is necessary to get off the tree. According to the provider, it is possible to have a packed lunch for the evening or the breakfast. It only remains to hoist it up the tree with a rope!

And the others ?
Sleeping in a barge, a boat, a plane, a medieval tent or a bubble room ... Anything is possible! However, book these unusual accommodations for teenagers, eager for new discoveries and thrills. For the little ones, bet on safety and prefer a place with space to run, play and scream in peace.

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