April 20, 2024

Valérie Trierweiler, very chic first lady in black dress Apostrophe

Arrival last on the red carpet, Valerie Trierweiler made his first steps at the Elysée ... With François Hollande, she should also live there, as had the couple Chirac. For security reasons, the couple will not be able to continue living in their Paris apartment on rue Cauchy according to the information disseminated by the security services of the Republic.

Very observed, the new first lady did not disappoint: dressed in a dress sober and chic black of the brand Apostrophe and a coat Tara Jarmon white summer dress with black pumps, white handbag, Valerie Trierweiler - visibly moved and a little tense - watched François Hollande as he officially took office by signing the parchment that makes François Hollande the seventh president of the Fifth Republic.

"A sober, elegant and ... French choice for this first lady wearing a dress black silk chiffon wallet "says in a press release the brand.

Valérie Trierweiler vs Cecilia

We remember, 5 years ago, Cecilia in her dress ivory Prada, dress Sleeveless, which was then very commented by the press, as much as the gesture of Nicolas Sarkozy bringing him a vest for fear that it was cold ...


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