June 10, 2023

We envy them: The hyper-sociable couple (Russell Brand / Katy Perry)

Always in a good mood, optimistic and funny, the hyper-social couple is a must-have! He knows how to spice up all the occasions and defuse conflicts, thanks to his sense of the formula and his deeply felt replies.

However, it is rarely available on weekends, too busy between his various requests. This "social" couple makes us want because it also knows how to find the time of holidays or romantic evenings. Moreover, we fantasize about his evenings to two where bursts of laughter mingle with the heated conversations ...

His secret? Generosity ! And humor, of course. Not caring about his image, he likes to have fun and share with his family. Basically, the hyper-social couple contradicts (in appearance) the idea that a relationship is an "everyday work".

Charlotte (who has been dating Jean-Charles for eight months): "I was coming out of a difficult relationship with a boy I was madly in love with, but who was torturing himself for nothing ... After a rupture that devastated me, I quickly met Jean-Charles who totally awakened my fun side: he loves going out, is constantly surrounded by friends who are real characters ... since I'm with him, I see more than ever my girlfriends, meeting lots of new people, we spend our weekends dancing, enjoying .... I never guessed that a relationship could be so easy! "

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