April 19, 2024

When children can finally express their creativity

Kids always love to express their creativity. That the moms (who do the laundry) and the dads (who have just redone the paper of the children's room) are reassured children can now color on disguises, clothes and walls ... without being disputed. The proof !

Creating unique pieces by your children

Thanks to Gribouille, which is a brand of organic cotton t-shirts and pajamas, children can color on their child's clothes. The kit consists of a Gribouille T-shirt and four water-based, wide-tip cloth felts for easier coloring. Once attached to the iron by an adult, the colors do not move. The coloring t-shirt is a fun and educational activity that will delight children.For more information, click here

Write on the walls: the children's dream finally answered

Les Contemplatives brand created coloring wallpapers, printed with eco-solvent inks. With these beautiful coloring wallpapers, toddlers will be able to fulfill their dream ... draw on the walls and thus express their creativity without being scolded by dad and mom. For more information, click here


The brand offers on its side disguises to customize oneself. For more information, click here

How To Find Your Creativity (April 2024)