December 10, 2023

Yohji Yamamoto for Dr. Martens: let's go!

Yohji Yamamoto, the creator, joins forces with renowned footwear brand Dr. Martens for the design of a collection in limited edition. The line is in store for a few days. This collection exclusive marks the return of Dr. Martens, already underway for some seasons.
Two collections are proposed: one for men and the second for women. Three models for women have been drawn. Among them, the model "1490 MX" is a Dr. Martens classic enriched with a zip and a new point-toe design. It is declined in leather "YY", developed by Yohji Yamamoto in white and black.
The models for men are five in number. One of them, called "Strap Book", was made of black, dark brown and purple Grizzly leather and is characterized by its four leather bands.
The collection is available in the network of shops Yamamoto, and in the Dr. Martens boutique, rue Pierre Lescot in Paris

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