June 9, 2023

Young moms: Evian and Lady Moving think about you

... deprived of sleep and moments of recovery sometimes for months, the young mother, who wants to do the best, becomes irritable. It's high time to get back in your hands and feel good again in your body and your head. But what to do ? Evian and Lady Moving clubs have thought of you. It's obvious ! Evian offers, a service for future and young mothers to help them enjoy these important moments in a woman's life.

Lady Moving clubs, fitness centers 100% women, and, combine to offer young moms adapted and personalized fitness paths. Since June 2010, Lady Moving clubs have launched a new comprehensive program after thedelivery. This post-natal cure is studied and personalized to help young mothers find a tonic body with activities tailored to their needs and their shape.

The Lady Moving clubs have therefore joined the evianmaman program to put advantageous offers at the disposal of mothers in the program shop against Evian points to cumulate and a financial participation. This partnership is relayed on Evian water bottles (2 liters). With the fitness and slimming circuit of thirty minutes, a permanent coach, slimming and anticellulite treatments, toning treatments, spajet, vibroplates, Lady Moving is a little care for moms who are primarily women.


- Pass a day Lady Moving: 60 points Evian + 2 euros
- Pass a week Lady Moving: 120 points Evian + 4 euros
- Pass a month Lady Moving: 240 points + 10 euros

Evian close to moms and babies

The commitment of the Evian brand to future moms and moms does not go back to yesterday. Originally, parents bought water from Evian in pharmacy for babies especially. Today, 76% of mothers believe that Evian water is the best for their infants.
The brand has many strings to its bow and its commitment to the world of birth do not stop there. For decades, Evian has also worked with perinatal professionals and accompanies the medical professions through research grants. There is also the Evian Grand Prix of Midwives.
That's why Evian is the first brand of water prescribed for pregnant women and young mothers.

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