August 14, 2022

1 piece / 5 looks: my blush for a dinner at my parents-in-law

Beautiful mom and dad will love us. Moreover, if we are planning to charm Mr. with our knowledge in geopolitics, this is our look a good young woman in every respect and our Chanel No. 5 which should put K.O. And our look beauty? It will make a splash on both and even make darling want to shorten dinner.

To make a sensation, we put on the classics. Red lipstick perfectly placed on our mouth (always pay attention to teeth!), Sublimated look by a discreet eye shadow and a good dose of mascara, dazzling peach complexion and studied hairstyle.

The question of blush
It must be delicate, placed on our cheeks with subtlety. In no case we will spread the zygomatic, our face must be illuminated, sublimated by a blush with pink and golden pigments. Exit them blush liquid and cream, it is chosen powder version to be able to dose and subjugate beautiful mom with our beauty look of star.

Our shopping
Blush Pop n'Cheeks Lancome : 37,59?
Yves Saint Laurent Pure Red Couture: 29,50?
Yves Saint Laurent radiance foundation: 44,50?
Mascara Doll Eyes Lancome : 27,50?
Clarins Mineral Eyeshadow 4 colors: 45?
Chanel perfume n ° 5: from 49?

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