November 28, 2022

Taking a dog for your child: what to know before committing

For months now your children have been calling for a dog, and you are ready to give up, on the occasion of the birthday of the youngest. "But have you thought about regular outings, appointments with the veterinarian? And it will wash, prepare her croquettes ... ", comments your sister-in-law. Is she a pout-joy? Or realistic? If you fade to enumerate these constraints, you are not ready to adopt a dog.
A family matter
Even if the request comes from the children, it's up to the parents to take care of the animal, and it's your own motives that should be tested. "We do not take a dog for his child, recalls Veronique Ozanne, psychologist and behaviorist! Either we are passionate about dogs, and we want to share this interest with his familyeither ... it's better to abstain! " Once past the wonder, indeed, your children are likely to forget their promises, and leave you the care of walks.
Space and time
"The dogs need their master or their congeners, they can not stay alone more than six hours a day "explains Véronique Ozanne. A large garden will not be enough for the well-being of your dog. Delivered to himself from eight to nineteen hours, he will be more and more stressed, with the damage that it can cause. To avoid this impasse, in the short or medium term, meditate your purchase, taking stock of your availability!

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