April 20, 2024

5 good reasons to use a casserole in the kitchen

We can opt for mini-casseroles to serve individually to each guest, the latter modernize the style of cooking with the casserole. Or we choose a big classic casserole, to simmer dishes family and succulent. In any case, we apply the same culinary rules and the same advantages come to mind. Here are 5 good reasons to opt for the casserole in the kitchen:

1. The casserole, a saving of time and energy: the casserole is a real time saver in the measure, where it is enough to simply place inside the dish the foods you want to taste and then let them simmer. The vegetables do not need any special preparation. On the contrary, one favors simple foods, whose cutting is fast. There is no pre-cooking or marinade to do before cooking.

2. The casserole, an ally for small budgets: the casserole has the particularity of allowing us to cook leftovers. So just open the fridge before throwing a multitude of food inside the casserole. Meat, vegetables, starchy foods, cheeses, soups ... these many foods go wonderfully well inside the casserole to create unique flavors without the need for special purchases.

3. The casserole, a slimming ally: it is better to avoid adding fat when cooking with the casserole. The juice created by the different foods will serve as cooking juices and the latter will make sure that the food does not stick to the casserole. Oil or butter are therefore useless.

4. No need to cook a sauce for the meat, the pot creates a juice of vegetables natural: the cocotte allows to create dishes very tasty without the need to add any particular broth, let the mixture of food do the work and it does not clutter the preparation of a juice of meat. The juice will be created by the liquid that will leave the vegetables when cooking with the casserole.

5. The casserole, a dish independent: no need to monitor the cooking of food inserted in the casserole. On the contrary, every time the lid is lifted, some of the heat evaporates, this tends to increase the cooking time. So, you just have to respect the cooking time and deal with a good book while the cook is cooking. For better cooking, the meat must be placed at the bottom of the casserole and the vegetables above. Rice or pasta is added at the end of cooking. It usually takes half an hour for a dish composed of meat and vegetables.

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