June 10, 2023

7 days on 7 !

To see all these creations, it is hard to believe that a year ago, Clemence was not interested in sewing at all and knew even less to use a sewing machine. At first, it was her mom who took care of this area. "I decided to buy my own machine and put it in. For a year, I did everything myself, today a seamstress helps me and some members of a CAT ( work center for the integration of people with disabilities.) At 26, the young woman did not choose the simplest way, she must also deal with the commercial side, accounting, sending ... She works 7 days out of 7 in her apartment-studio which is full fabrics, colored threads, pearls ... As for the hours, she does not count them! All this without pay, because until last January she could not afford to pay.
"Now, I give myself a mini salary, but before, I reinvest everything in the purchase of equipment, there I realize that it can work and I think I can pay an accountant to discharge me of this part, because my priority remains creation ... there is no question that I industrialize the manufacture of my products. "Since the beginning of 2007, Clémence has been supplying some thirty banners in France and two in Europe:" one in Milan and one in Brussels ". she proud. Next goal: open your own shop.

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