December 3, 2020

8 tips to boost a croque-monsieur

Inspire sandwiches
Tomatoes-mozzarella, turkey-mimolette white, Auvergne blue-ham ... Revisit paninis and others sandwiches club. Want a tuna-raw vegetables? Replace the salad leaf with slices of zucchini or aubergines, which are good for cooking. Cook them for a few minutes in the pan before slipping them into your croque-monsieur.

We add!
To improve a sandwich, nothing like butter. Spread the inside and outside of your croque. You can also dip your slices of bread in milk, to obtain a soft result. Finally, to personalize your creations, opt for a chopped onion, mushrooms, mustard or crème fraîche. Also add herbs or spices. What to give taste and colors!

Do you have eggs?
Make a delicious croque-madame, by placing an egg on the dish on your sandwich. Also think of scrambled eggs, with smoked salmon or grated truffle for a more chic version. Prepare them at the last minute and incorporate them just before serving.

Rediscover cheeses
Comté, cantal, fourme d'Ambert but also cancoillotte, reblochon, maroilles, cabécou: France abounds with cheese. Take the opportunity to make a bite to the three cheese. Besides, why not discover the specialties of each region? Go to your dairy and buy them cheese who are the pride of the North or the Auvergne. You will soon become unbeatable on these flagship products!

To add mellow and flavor to your croque, add a bechamel. If you do not have time to do it, go to the supermarket. You will find some in the form of bricks. Do you use a sandwich maker? Spread it between slices of bread. On the other hand, if you plan to cook your sandwiches in the oven, spread only the last slice and sprinkle a little cheese grated. In addition, do not hesitate to make a sauce with blue or shallot.

Change breads and cold cuts!
To make a croque-monsieur, one uses bread of bread and white ham. Buy your bread from an artisan or make it yourself and make a polenta, complete or chestnut flour for a rustic version. As far as sausages are concerned, you have all the choices. Opt for bacon, bacon or cocktail sausages for the kids. Besides, why not replace it with lamb, chicken or a chopped steak?

Sweety salty
The croque-monsieur lend themselves very well to the game of sweet and savory. Bend for a sandwich blue-figs or blue-pear, goat-honey or Ossau-Iraty-black cherry jam. Do you prefer a more exotic recipe? Make a hawaiian croque with ham, mozzarella and pineapple.

Chocolate !
Rather than swallow three sandwichesprepare one for dessert. Spread Nutella inside and accompany with a scoop of vanilla-caramel ice cream. Black chocolate-banana or pear, white chocolate-raspberries, butter-sugar, cooked apples ... Let yourself be tempted by all these recipes and enjoy your family easily and quickly with croque-monsieur!