July 12, 2024

A baby for Mel B: discover the name of his daughter

The third child of Mel B Is named Madison Brown Belafonte. Father Stephen Belafonte is thrilled. Mom and baby are in great shape and are doing well.

Who are the Madison?
This first name girl, very popular in the United States, is carried by about 4,000 people in France. Madison, which means Maude's son in English, is a first name relatively little attributed today.

When they are still children, the Madison are vulnerable, worried and complex. Family safety and encouragement can help them overcome these concerns and complexities. These girls are usually hypernervous. They like solitary games. This message is addressed to parents: we must encourage sociability and communication.

Growing up, the Madison are reserved and careful women. Do not be fooled by appearances ! At first, they are cold and distant. In reality, they hide a sensitivity. They are indeed worried and prey to skepticism. The Madison have principles, a strict morality and scruples that can become stifling. Some women, who wear this first name, are also obstinate. They are also very close to nature, always want to escape the noise and the crowd. Lucid, they have a sense of detail.

Did you know ?

Among the people, 2011 was a productive year. There was Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Selma Blair or Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girls.

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