August 15, 2022

A bag / A woman: tell me which bag do you wear I'll tell you who you are?

He: "Honey, what would you like for Christmas?"
Me one bag - a Chanel preferably :) - or a pair of Louboutin "

Little scene of everyday life near Christmas ... Yes, while your darling may be digging your head to find THE perfect gift, which will make you climb to seventh heaven, is interested in women and their passion for bags by hand. Because if some people shout the end of the bag, just take a walk through the floor bag luxury of Printemps to convince itself of the opposite. Céline, Prada, Miu Miu, but also Gucci, Balenciaga, the bags luxury pride proudly, offered to look salivating passersby ... But if at first, it seems difficult to find his bag ideal in the middle of all these bags to take a closer look at bag As style, there are different fashion tribes!

A claw if nothing - the icon Rachel Bilson

Miu Miu, Chanel & co, Rachel Bilson is crazy about bag. And if the young woman has a predilection for bags quilted, the young woman also loves and especially brands. His last favorites? The bag Miu Miu quilted leather, glossy brown, but also and still the 2.55 of Chanel, a classic.

Hermes if not nothing - the icon Victoria Beckham

Like Elisabeth Bost, our fashion expert, who swears by Hermes, Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham have an almost exclusive passion for the house Hermes. Only dilemma: slicing between Kelly, Birkin or Constance, whose vintage models (ostrich please) snapped up in sales rooms.

A limited series, otherwise nothing - the Paris Hilton icon

Since its acquisition by LVMH and Bernard Arnault, never Louis Vuitton has been so successful, to the point that this year, faced with the hysteria of Japanese - and some Parisians addicted to the monogram, shops Louis Vuitton close an hour earlier in November, for lack of stock ... And if Miley Cyrus uses and abuses the Speedy (which she uses as bag of sport, of luxury), Paris Hilton cracks for the graffiti version of Stephen Sprouse or the Kawaï models of Murakami ...

An it bag, otherwise nothing - like Leighton Meester

The it bag of the year is undoubtedly the bag schoolbag (Mulberry version in camel or PS1 at Proenza Schouler). And like all his bag, his cruel destiny led him to go out of fashion ... next season. Yet from Leighton Meester to Alexa Chung, they all sport the bag of the season, more than 800 euros each.

A bag of dadame, otherwise nothing - the icon Rachida Dati
Being a woman in politics, not really a sinecure. Rachida Dati knows what she's talking about ... Criticized for her taste for fashion and couture brands (Dior, Yves Saint Laurent or Hermes on your mind). In order to establish her authority, a woman politician must choose the bag who goes with the function. Bag lady Dior - also acclaimed by Bernadette Chirac, or Birkin to put away his files, Rachida Dati chooses safe values.


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