June 9, 2023

A nice hairstyle for the holidays: René Furterer's faux pleated

Rene Furterer's bias this season? Reinterpret classics of the hairstyle giving them a resolutely modern look. Here for example, the brand chose the very traditional pleated inwards on long hair to pair with the trend wet, which is all the rage on fashion podiums. In short, an ideal style to accompany our party outfit, GirlsFromMainStreet.com tells you here step by step.

On the hair dry, take all the hair which are on the top of your head, taking the width of the forehead as a landmark. Book this big wick of hair on top. Gather the rest of your hair to the back of the head to form a low ponytail. Choose a thin elastic and put this ponytail in a straightener to reduce the volume. Also think about smoothing up your hair to really clear your face. You will smooth the entire frame of the head with a light gel. The goal is to create a demarcation of material on a band of about 5cm. To obtain an effect wet uniformly, apply the gel to a fine tooth comb and brush hair directly with.

Take the top wick, which you had set aside and point it backwards, so as to cover the ponytail. Spray stylizing water on the tips. Once dry, work with a thin straightener. Plate the locks about 1cm and turn them inwards. You will get a first fold. Create a second about 5cm, always turned inward. You will get this effect of spiral wicks. Finally fix your hairstyle with a good dose of matt lacquer, avoiding touching the roots.

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