December 1, 2021

Actions that save in case of discomfort

A malaise very often reflects a dysfunction in the body. It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly and it often hides an evil whose effects have been neglected. During a discomfort, the victim is in an unconscious or semi-conscious state and it is often the person who will take care of him, who will call samu and answer the doctor's questions to assess his state of health.

Causes of discomfort can be varied
The most common disorders are vagal discomfort (low blood pressure), syncope or fainting (lipothymia) ... A discomfort can be a simple crisis of hypoglycemia, spectacular, but in this case, it does not There is no need to worry. The causes are more complex when it comes to a stroke (stroke -avc), a myocardial infarction, an epileptic seizure.

As soon as you notice that someone is uncomfortableDo not panic and protect the victim by putting him in the reclining position - on the side, mouth down (if it is a breathing problem, sitting is recommended). To ease breathing, loosen the belt and collar. Then immediately call the UAS, only a doctor can assess the health of the victim.

If the victim complains of a pain surrounding his chest, as well as the shoulder, arm or lower jaw, is that it is a cardiac malaise. If you are near a pharmacy, call for help and check if the pharmacy has a defibrillator. Some cities have equipped several public places with this device that can save lives.

In other cases, the person may suffer from pain in the stomach, have uncontrolled actions, be cold and sweaty, have a difficult speech, have partial paralysis ... All this information will allow help to make a first diagnosis when you call them.

While waiting, ask the victim about his general health :
"How long has this discomfort lasted? "
"Have you ever had this type of discomfort? "
"Are you medically followed? What is your treatment? "
"Have you ever been sick or hospitalized? "

Our advice
If you feel unwell, make an appointment with your doctor to find out if it has not been established. He will then recommend a complete assessment.

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