May 13, 2021

Adopt a detox diet!


Favor fruits and vegetables

Sarah Mony : "It is important to ban industrial food. Reduce as much as possible the amount of animal protein (especially meats and dairy products), sugars (particularly refined), cooked or saturated fats.
Give pride of place to plant foods: vegetables, sprouted seeds (the stars of spring !), algae (spirulina, ...), fruits fresh ... and favor all green foods (vegetables, young shoots, wheat grass ...), rich in purifying chlorophyll, oxygenating and regenerating. Choose raw preparations that preserve intact vital nutrients: enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, all true life catalysts necessary for all body functions, with a special mention for juices. vegetables expenses that will allow their optimal assimilation. Eat light in the evening to respect and promote the natural cycles of the body. "

Eliminate toxins

Sarah Mony : "The end of thewinterIt's the perfect time for draining cures. You can help the liver to better eliminate with plants such as rosemary, milk thistle and foods like artichoke, black radish, garlic, lemon ... Other plants, such as dandelion, Juniper, the sapwood of linden for example, will stimulate the kidneys also, which plays a major role in the detoxification cures. "

The little more

A small cure of food supplements toners will help you get out of winter lethargy even faster!

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