December 3, 2020

All about royal jelly

Royal jelly is a whitish paste, a little gelatinous, slightly pungent taste. It is made by the young nurse bees which secrete it by their pharyngeal glands. Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C, D and E and minerals, it constitutes the totality of the royal food (since the bee queen makes its daily diet) and the first commodity of the larvae. So you understand it: royal jelly is a food of choice.

Royal jelly is produced in a quantity just sufficient for the queen and for the larvae, in a hive in normal times. Young beekeepers must encourage young workers to raise several queen larvae by eliminating the queen. This explains the relatively high cost of a small jar of royal jelly that we enjoy very sparingly.

The benefits of royal jelly are numerous. Due to its composition, its absorption helps strengthen the immune system. It is good to make a cure especially at the entrance of the winter and the exit. It also increases intellectual performance. If you have children who are old enough to take exams, help them by giving them a pod every morning. What's more, royal jelly has an anti-stress action. As for us, we will be happy to take advantage of its anti-aging power: after all, the queen of bees lives well 40 times longer than the workers!

To consume your royal jelly, take one gram in the morning on an empty stomach, using the measuring spoon provided. Continue this cure for about a month and keep your little pot in the refrigerator.
Our advice
If you have never eaten royal jelly, pay attention to possible allergies: start with small doses that you can gradually increase.

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