August 16, 2022

All about sophrology

What is sophrology?
It is a psycho-corporal method because it appeals to the mind and the sensations of the body. It is based on the learning and regular practice of simple breathing control exercises, relaxation techniques and visualization. We work a lot on breathing and relaxation. This joins the waking dream technique where we work with the mind.

Where did this come from ?
The relaxation therapy was invented by Dr. Alfonso Caceydo, a Colombian neuropsychiatrist, in 1960. He then created the schools of relaxation therapy Caycedian and form today people in Andorra. Today, there are other schools that teach other streams of the discipline. Dr. Caycedo brought together already existing Western methods (hypnosis, psychoanalysis, relaxation techniques) and added oriental methods (zazen, meditation ...) that he knew well, having studied in Asia for a long time. The goal of this new method is to learn to relax.

What's the cure?
In France, she is well known for the preparation of childbirth. But it is also a medicine that heals. It is widely used for the management of prolonged stress and all its consequences (insomnia, back pain ...), to fight against anxiety, fears, stage fright, panic attacks, phobias but also OCD , eating disorders as well as all behavioral disorders. It helps to free oneself from addictions (alcohol, games, tobacco). It is also effective for the preparation of events (childbirth, operation, sports competition, maintenance). In the fight against pain and disease, it helps to better support or reduce symptoms and to accept treatment. In short, it allows to accompany people for a test through a psychological work.

Who is it for ?
This gentle method is suitable for everyone. There are no contraindications.

What happens during a session ?
The first session always begins with a preliminary interview to understand the problem and choose the appropriate method and exercises. Then we go to practice. The person is sitting or lying down and the breathing techniques and the chosen relaxation method are started. The person becomes aware of his body and releases his muscles one after the other. After the relaxation of the body, we work on the relaxation of the mind with visualization exercises. The session ends with a dialogue to see how the person has lived the exercise.
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