August 15, 2022

Amanda Seyfried regrets her D cup

Beautiful green-blue eyes, doll face, and long hair of a childish blonde. Amanda Seyfried, currently in the movie "Les Misérables" in the role of Cosette, has it all. And yet, despite her many strengths, and her dream silhouette, the 27-year-old seems not to be completely satisfied with her body. Invited to pose for the American magazine Allure, the latter has indeed entrusted, during the fitting for the shooting, regret his old chest, and more particularly, his cap D, which has evaporated following a weight loss.

Yes Amanda Seyfried had, in the past, compared her breasts to "bags of fat", in a previous interview, she reconsidered today what she said, and told Allure: "I found a picture of myself when I was 19 a few days ago, and my breasts were really bigger, I was doing D, and now I'm doing a little C, because I've lost some weight". She then adds: "There was something so beautiful about them, when I look back, I say, why are you still so hard on yourself?"

That Amanda reassures herself, however, she is still beautiful, even with "his little C".

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