November 28, 2022

Anti-aging treatments to fight against time!

Anti-aging treatments are both preventive and curative. You can begin to take good reflexes from 30 years, then, before the quarantine, according to the signs that your skin presents, to adopt preventive anti-aging care. Guided tour of the precautions and care to follow ...
Before anti-aging care, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Flee what is bad for your skin: unprotected sunbathing, tobacco, bad fats, excess alcohol, overheated interiors, too short nights ... To preserve your beautiful skin texture, eat better , invite fruits and vegetables on your plate, play sports and of course ... get hydrated.
From the age of 30, maintain your skin with creams and anti-aging treatments (you can even start before).

There are different anti-aging treatments to pamper your skin. Donkey's milk baths like Cleopatra, it's not for you? Get down on the skincare products. Discover the benefits of exfoliating creams, which regenerate the skin deeply. In case of sensitive skin, avoid creams based on fruit acids. In summer or for long walks, prevent the effects of the sun's rays by applying a sunscreen cream to antiradicals. For daily care, prefer creams that retain water.

The anti-aging treatments in the institute regenerate the skin and your morale! If the thirties well started traumatizes you, as an antidepressant, treat yourself to anti-aging care. Let yourself be taken in hand ... after removing makeup, a scrub to remove dead skin, then the beautician applies modeling your skin a firming and regenerating mask. This relaxing treatment stimulates the lymphatic channels and tones the skin. A tightening serum closes the treatment before the application of a very moisturizing cream. You go out relaxed, the complexion fresh and ready to face life!

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