June 25, 2022

Ask a nutritionist

A nutritionist is a doctor specializing infood in all its aspects unlike the dietician who is a medical assistant who will provide you with tips to carry out your slimming diets.

The nutritionist has a medical approach and, at the first consultation, establishes a comprehensive medical diagnosis and seeks to understand the reasons for your weight gain.
Beyond this diagnosis, he will try to help you better accept you.

He will also search for a link between your weight gain and your mode offood : nibbling in case of stress, excess of sweets ... Then he will recommend a diet based on your own history and your food current.

The experience can not be successful if a bond of trust is established between the doctor and the patient.

The first consultation is decisiveit must last at least half an hour. The doctor must take his time to listen to you and ask you about your eating habits, your medical or surgical history ... If this listening time does not exceed fifteen minutes, change the practitioner.

After a series of Questions on your liabilities and your moments of high weight gain, it will determine your ideal weight and your weight of form.

At the end of the consultation, he will give you the first advice to follow and will establish a personalized diet according to your "history", while encouraging you to practice a physical activity ... Then he will propose a schedule of appointments, every 15 days, for a consultation of 15 to 30 minutes to follow the evolution of your weight loss.
Our advice
To stabilize your weight, it is advisable to consult at least once a year a nutritionist, even if you have managed to reach your weight loss goal.

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