August 16, 2022

Course of CX30, the new generation gluteus abs

What is it ?
The CX30 is an intense class to strengthen your back, sculpt your glutes, your abs and your mind in 30 minutes of intensive training sticking to the rhythm of the music: the movements are designed on the relief of the music, which makes the success of the courses Les Mills (pronounced "leash milsse", of the name of the founder). On the program, static and dynamic exercises inspired by the personal training and the latest scientific research done by Professor Jinger Gottschall of the University of Pennsylvania, with an efficient equipment: the tube. This kind of plastic stretch jump rope has a handle at each end, and offers resistance when stretched.



The concept
This program has been designed to match the most busy schedules.
The idea is a shock program of 30 minutes only, the benefits are felt and can be seen very quickly, to obtain a quick satisfaction and avoid abandonment, as was often the case before one was bored in courses ofabs glutes. Here, the sequence of movements, real choreographies, is renewed every 3 months! Express, the CX30 is the ideal format for busy men and women who can slide a quick and effective workout before going to work, at the lunch break or between two appointments, but also for athletes who can combine a CX30 class with another physical activity.

The promise
C for Core (center of body), X for Cross Training (training of different types) and 30 for the duration of the course in minutes; the CX30 reduces training time to the absolute minimum, but works effectively in the abdominal area and the glutes at depth.
In addition to strengthening the center of the body, the CX30 also improves the functional strength,
balance and helps prevent injuries. It strengthens the muscles of the back and stomach, thus preventing back pain. Intense, this training puts the body and the mind in the challenge and motivates participants to go beyond their limits.

In practice
On catchy music, the program combines exercises that isolate the different muscle groups and then rework them together.
Composed of six parts of varying intensity, the program focuses on abdominal and back muscles. It begins with a gradual warm-up, followed by exercises of greater amplitude until the use of the tube, powerful activator of the muscles of the "core", that is to say the abdominal strap, back and buttocks. It wraps in the hands to create different lengths and gets stuck under the feet to vary positions. There are several possible resistances depending on its physical strength and purpose.
The intensity of the exercises at the end of the program focuses on the back work, essential to contribute to the stability of the body and postural balance.

The test
The 30-minute course is divided into 6 pieces and several series of exercises focused on the bust and muscle chains connecting the upper and lower body.
The music is fast and everything is going fast! The tonic warming sets the tone: it's going to heat up!
The exercises are linked quickly and its extremely precise: we feel immediately where the body works what is encouraging. The first time is a little rough: the pace is fast and the time to understand the movement, the teacher is sometimes already moved to the next movement, but as it is a sequence of movements "known" - abs, stretching, squats, glutes ... we are better the following times because we assimilated them. We do not use the tube all the time: there are plenty of classic movements but never repeated too long.
The teachers have a potato of hell, and they are two, not bad! The workout is intense and connects abdominal work, strengthening the glutes, toning the hips and glutes with combinations of squats and elevations
of legs, solicitation of the waist and obliques and reinforcement of the lumbar and
glutes with a focus on the back muscles.
We come out of it exhausted, a little haggard but definitely stronger, and proud of "having done"!

Our opinion
A real innovation in the world sometimes plan-plan fitness traditional and a format really adapted to the rhythm of the urban in a hurry! A little complicated for beginners of group lessons, it will seduce the regulars who will benefit from its dynamism, and those who want quick results.

Who is it for?
- Course without impact, the CX30 adapts to all levels of form physical
- For those who wish to draw their abs, hips and glutes
- For those in a hurry who can only spend a little time training
- For athletes wishing to improve their performance and add to their sport a reinforcement session
- For those who are bored and looking for a fun and dynamic program
- For men who think that group classes fitness are the reserved area of ​​women
- For those who wish to strengthen their backs and prevent ailments.

Useful information
This program will be proposed in September in clubs of fitness everywhere in France.
The tube is provided by the gym. It is also on sale on (from 15,90?).
More information: and "Where to practice" section to access the list of clubs.


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