January 16, 2022

At the street without money, without anything

Aged 42, Brigitte has a job, lives as a couple. Certainly, his life is not rosy every day, her companion is sometimes violent, but after a difficult childhood and adolescence with a mother who did not love her, she gets used to it. Yet one night, tired of enduring more and more frequent abuse, she grabs her bag and runs away. Her life then rock in a few minutes. Without moneywithout anyone to turn to, she finds herself on the street. Brigitte does not know that the street will become her daily life for two years. "I did not think, I really did not want to spend the night outside, but the next day, when I called my sister who rejected me, it stunned me so much that I did not seek help elsewhere. For me it was clear, the others would also close their doors. I could not go home, I had to save my skin. But I had left everything there, I did not have money, no blue card, no spare clothes ... "Then begins for her a descent into hell.

"I live downstairs from your home" -A SDF woman testifies
Brigitte in collaboration with Véronique Mougin
Oh Editions - 18.90?

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