June 25, 2022

Baby kit: all organic essentials for parents

A respectful exchange
What to change baby while respecting his skin and his planet? Not with wipes, that's for sure! The most natural solution: the oleocalcary liniment. This 100% natural product helps to clean the buttocks of baby while leaving a protective film, ideal to prevent diaper rash. Available commercially, you can also make your own liniment with lime water and olive oil. Ideally use with washable wipes, small squares of cotton, bamboo or hemp fabrics.

Once his little buttocks clean, we put on baby a washable diaper or, alternatively, a disposable eco-friendly diaper, recognizable by different labels (FSC, My climate, Naturemade Star ...). Several brands are now available, and even distributors are starting to get started. Made largely with renewable materials, these layers are also bleached without chlorine, and therefore less irritating to the skin of the skin. baby.

Bath side, we opt for a shantala type bath: thanks to its shape while height, baby is found there as in the belly of the mum. With lesser capacity, it also saves water.

Labeled textile
Not only for the planet but also for the health of babythe choice of organic textiles (Oeko-Tex label, Naturtextil, Ecocert for example) seems sensible. In fact, industrially manufactured garments contain substances that are not yet fully understood, such as formaldehyde or phthalates, suspected to be hormonal disruptors. And to keep it warm in winter in the stroller, put on the skin of lamb (tanning process Renugan preferably), true natural heating!

Simplicity above all
As Catherine Piraud-Rouet points out in her book Le guide de mon baby to nature (Nathan), being green is perhaps simply "choosing voluntary simplicity". In other words, avoid falling into the world of child care, a world of "overconsumption". In the end, it takes very little to mother baby.

Minimalist Baby Essentials- Baby Checklist (June 2022)