October 5, 2022

Beauty tips: how to become a hairdresser?

Learning the job of hairdresser is not improvised, it requires a certain artistic sense, a natural ease to handle a comb and scissors but especially a diploma comes to sanctify a professional training of two years.

The most common way to become hairdresser remains the Certificate of Professional Aptitude CAP, obtained after two years of training in a public or private high school under contract.
If you already have a bachelor's degree, the CAP can take place in one year only.

To complete your training, you can present the professional certificate with options. For this, the CAP is essential and it takes place over two years. Two complementary mentions are possible: the first is the stylist and the second permanentistic colorist option.

The professional certificate is proposed in CFA apprentice training centers, private schools or GRETA.
For those over 26, apprenticeship contracts can also be considered under certain conditions.

To open or manage a hairdressing salon, the professional patent is essential. It allows to be a skilled worker, to be a master of learning, a member of the exam jury or a teacher in a training center.
The Master's Certificate is issued by the Chamber of Crafts. He gives the hairdresser with a BP the necessary management and accounting knowledge to better manage his business.
Our advice
For more information, ask for advice from the National Federation of hairstyle French at 01 42 61 53 24.

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