April 20, 2024

Blake Lively and her perfect blow-drying for Italian Fashion Week

It's been two months since we waited for his return to red carpet. Blake Lively, star of the Gossip Girl series, is indeed very discreet since her marriage with the seductive Ryan Reynolds. And these public appearances are becoming more and more rare. Latest: The preview of the new animated film DreamWorks studios "Turbo" (see our article: Blake Lively glittering in total Burberry look). The pretty blonde had dazzled us, with a glittering and elegant Burberry look. Because, if the beauty seems to have today withdrawn from the spotlights, she always looks after her look and beauty, when she grows, exceptionally, the red carpets. And this was again the case, this Wednesday, during the Gucci show, as part of the Italian Fashion Week, which took place in Milan. Beauty side, anyway. The actress had chosen here a beauty look somewhat different from those she usually wears. No wavy hair, or sophisticated bun. No, this time, the actress preferred a simple blow dry, perfectly smoothed. A very wise hairstyle, far from the sexy ripples usually displayed Blake Lively.
Level make-up, the actress had opted for a red lipstick matte and deep. Perfect to break the disciplined image given by his hairstyle and brighten his clear complexion. Having focused on his mouth, the pretty blonde had not had the heavy hand, to make up his blue eyes. A simple line of liner, associated with a copper eyeshadow set halo on his eyelid, and a little mascara were enough to light his eyes.
Yes Blake Lively shone by her beauty choices, it was different in fashion. The actress has opted for a Gucci mustard yellow leather dress, more than tight. Admittedly, this outfit highlighted its dreamy silhouette and its advantageous curves, and did honor to the prestigious brand that organized its parade, but it still gave a small side "meme" to the beautiful, yet aged 26 years. Too bad, we would have preferred something more vaporous, no doubt.

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