June 23, 2024

Cécile Cassel: platinum color and spring beauty look

Return of theeyeliner, milky complexion, carmine touch on the lips ... Cécile Cassel back in the makeup of the moment, mix of bohemian pastels and tart points. The actress has spent a few months at a coloring platinum blonde, daring beauty that she managed to manage well. Whether with a nude makeup to bet on his blue eyes or playing instead with very flashy lipstick shades, the one we saw last year in the musical "You, me, others" again displays a striking beauty look.
The face illuminated by the orange-red hue of his vest with gold buttons, Cécile Cassel opted for a gentle trend in make-up with a glossy shade of iridescent pink on the lips. As for the look, it is highlighted by a thick line ofeyeliner. All the challenge of the coloring platinum is not to fade the character of the face by a very light shade. That's it !

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