September 21, 2023

The first name of the day: Yseult

Origin of name Yseult
The first name Yseult comes from Celtic and means "beautiful". This first name very rare is carried by nearly 400 people in France and remains little attributed today.

When we talk about first name Yseult, it is often associated with that of Tristan. Indeed, in the medieval legend Tristan and Iseut, tells the story of tragic love of two lovers of Cornwall. This story was considered in the Middle Ages as the symbol of involuntary love, irresistible and eternal, persisting even beyond death. Subsequently, this story transcended the centuries by inspiring a large number of poets and musicians. This year, with the trend of first names medieval, Yseult will perhaps be seen more and more attributed.

Yseult is an enthusiastic and communicative young woman. In her professional life she can be reserved and she analyzes many situations that come her way. Yseult also knows how to display extraordinary intuition. In her personal life, the young woman is a very pleasant person to live. Enthusiastic, she likes to please and cares about others.

Yseult - Ton Héritage (September 2023)