June 5, 2020

Penélope Cruz fatal for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in Cannes

It is with a radiant face and graceful curves that Penélope Cruz represented Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to Cannes film festival, surrounded by Johnny Depp - who cut hair, Astrid Berges Frisbey and the entire crew of the shooting of the Fountain of Youth.

Penélope Cruz has found its forms after pregnancy, probably thanks to a particular coach because the beautiful brunette displays a slender silhouette but still luscious.

The actress also looked after her look hairstyle with a beautiful high ponytail and a small, sexy and short asymmetrical bangs. Penélope has chosen to grow his hair, longer and longer and embellished with hints of honey the most beautiful effect.

Side eye makeup and lips are shaded with pink, but the essence of the make up lies in the brown eyebrow sketched and the black kohl that encircles his hazel eyes. A beauty look worthy of a fiancée pirate glamorous!

Johnny Depp & Penelope Cruz behind the scenes (June 2020)