April 19, 2024

The joggalon: we adopt or not?

The joggalon is the new métissage mode to adopt. The highlight of this spring-summer 2012, the surf sportswear has indeed created a new fusion: a fashion union between the traditional "trousers" and the "jogging"The latter borrows clothing from the sports dressing room on the sides side.A piece very cool attitude, the joggalon can also adapt to more elaborate outfits.Version version, jeans, trendy or more casual version, the joggalon is a fun and trendy piece, which worn in style makes its effect.

Tuxedo version

It is quite possible to associate allure chic and cool attitude. To combine these two states of mind, one slips into a black joggalon with satin bands on the sides, in which one enters a black top also in black satin. The bands on the sides will then emphasize the silhouette and give the pace. To accentuate this effect and "chic-iser" all, we perch on a pair of stilettos and put on a fitted tuxedo jacket. Hair raised in high ponytail and plated, there is more than catch a glitter pouch and spin on the dancefloor.

City version

In a more casual style, we mix a joggalon colorful headbands with a loose t-shirt, chosen in a fairly light color (beige or off-white). The top is to blouse slightly above the joggalon and side accessorization, one puts a pair of derbys or a pair of wedge sneakers. The final touch: a beige blouse to structure the silhouette and a satchel on the shoulder for a sprint to the subway.

Joggalon Mango in silk crepe, 35?
Joggalon Kookai in silk crepe, 139?
Joggalon Zara in cotton, 50?
Joggalon Ekyog 100% silk, 169?

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