December 11, 2023

Can we be happy without making love?

To be happy without making love. For / Against


The opinion of conjugal therapist Michel Durand.
"Of course we can be happy without make love. Pleasure is not just about the sexual act. It's not just sex that makes it possible to find happiness. Going to the opera, tasting a good wine, swimming naked are sensations that are close to orgasm and can provide infinite happiness. We live in a hyper erotic society. There is nothing devaluing about not having sex, it's simply a choice of life, a desire, a need ... "


Sexologist's review for Jessica M
"Sex is essential to a life of a couple. Being in your body, sharing sensations of pleasure, allows you to assert yourself and to feel alive A satisfying sex life makes the couple more fusional, more solid. A tip: if the couple knows a drop in desire, do not hesitate to talk to a sexologist who may be able to help you find a sexuality blossomed. Remember that it is normal to have low libido at times, it is just not to let the routine settle because the "lack of sex" can lead the other to go elsewhere and get away from you »
Why they chose not to make love? Testimonials
" I have suffered too much "
Claire, 46 years old. "Every time, I was disappointed. Refuse to make love with a man, it's a way to defend myself. When I make love, I give myself 100% and the day a man abandons me, I suffer more ... "
"I need to take stock with myself"
Diane, 42 years old "For the moment, I do not want a man in my bed anymore. I want to focus more on myself, I need to find myself. I just want my body to rest ... "

" I have no more desire»
Justine, 55 years old. "I have no more desire I just thought it was due to my partner but with all the men who followed it was the same thing. It's actually my body that decided. Today, I am sincerely happy without sex, I am well aware that it keeps men away but I do not miss sex, maybe it will change one day, who knows ... "
"I reserve for the big love"
Charlotte, 30 years old. "I have never had sex and I am doing very well like that. My friends tend to judge me, not to understand my choice but I decided to reserve myself for the man of my life. It is not a choice dictated by religion but by the desire to reserve my body for the man I love »
Sophie Fontanel, author of the book "L'envie" (edited by Robert Laffont)
"I spent ten years of my life make love next to my body. I suspected that a man and a woman can touch each other and not know where the ground is. But I did not live it that way. I think what I fled is the realistic and mechanical side of sexual intercourse. »


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