September 19, 2020

Chanel show: the cruise is fun ... or not

On the sidelines of Fashion Week, these weeks of fashion, which punctuate jet lags fashion editors between Paris, Milan, London and New York, Chanel creates the event with its Croisière collections, the Mecca of chic, Vipitude and chic in Riviera fashion. This year Karl Lagerfeld has set up his podium at the Eden Roc, a chic hotel on the French Riviera, for a parade 100 % Chanel : little tweed jacket Chanel, all lemon yellow, and beach towel scratched, there everything is quiet, voluptuous tinged with a touch of nostalgia.

While Belmondo will receive this year a tribute from the festival-goers and Catherine Deneuve has never seemed so popular, we are still looking for the heirs of these sacred monsters ...

It is far from the abandoned beach, place to product placements and paparazzi watching the stars at the exit of nightclubs.

Nostalgia for parties at the Gatsby, dreamlike moment resurrected by the master Karl Lagerfeld !

Paris Vlog - Chanel Cruise Show, Flea Market, My Favorite Restaurants - Vlog#59 | Aimee Song (September 2020)