August 16, 2022

5 tips to prepare a great dessert for Mother's Day

His favorite dessert
Holy honored, strawberry, religious, black forest ... Do you know the cake favorite of your mum ? After conducting your small survey, find out more about her favorite fragrances. Is it chocolate, vanilla or a more unusual aroma like violet or rose? Also be careful in case of any health problems. For example, in case of toothache, cancel the cake and the nougatine, and favor a coconut custard or strawberries. She will appreciate your gesture. Listen and write down everything on a notebook. Next year, you will be able to realize your dessert preferred without asking any questions. The surprise will be total!

A delicate and feminine dessert
Do you miss an idea to surprise your mother? In this case, make a giant macaroon with red fruits and garnish inside a vanilla homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries. It remains only to decorate the top with fruit, chocolate chips or why not a gold leaf. So chic! And accompany it all with a rosé champagne. Your mum can only crack in front of your culinary creation and your impeccable service.

Of love
It is often said, but nothing beats a dish cooked with love. Prove it by using a heart shaped mold. Do not forget the finishes like almond paste flowers, a message of love written in a food pen, a pastel icing for a mum sweet ... Imagination is lacking? See you on the Internet You will find kits containing beads, marbles and pens, as well as ready-made decorations. And to melt the heart of your mumdo not forget to offer him a beautiful rose at the same time as the cake. Essential !

A decorative photo
To please your mother, drop on the cake a nice picture of her or a cliché with the whole family. To do this, go to specialized websites, enter the dimensions of your pastry and download your image. Then choose between unleavened paper, a sheet of sugar or sugar paste. The visual will be printed on the support in food ink. It will only remain to deposit it on the cake just before serving it.

A simple and effective dessert
If your children are young, do a dessert very simple with them. Make a roll with jam or Nutella. The result will appeal to both young and old. Also think of chocolate mellow. To be completed with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Unless you prefer a cake pancakes? Then ask your offspring to make a nice drawing. With all these little touches and kisses, you can only be satisfied!

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