May 13, 2021

Childcare: nannies for your children

They also want to put butter in the spinach through employment-retirement. They ... are the granny nannies.

A real added value for families

These granny nannies have experience for the simple reason that before becoming grannies, they themselves were mothers of family. So they went to the right school ! In other words, the outputs ofschool, Wednesdays and school holidays have no secrets for these nannies. They know how to cope with all situations even if the children of yesterday are no longer the children of today. These nannies are perfect for children and parents are reassured.

Pierre Brédar, Marketing & Communication Director of the O2 Group, confirms this: "In a field such as childcare, granny nannies are particularly appreciated (...) they have experience and have often been mothers of family (...)".

These profiles much sought after by parents

Reliable and available, granny nannies of the O2 group bring today their experience, their seriousness and their effectiveness to maintain a real dialogue with the parents and to create a privileged relation with the children. Expert in animations, games, cooking, drawings or even DIY, they know how to accompany children in their creativity and imagination while working on their coordination, their dexterity and their organizational capacity.

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Child Care: Find a Nanny | Parents (May 2021)