August 14, 2022

Children care: 10 tips to choose your beauty products

1-Pay attention to the list of ingredients rather than advertising arguments.
2-Use products bearing the following labels (ECOCERT, COSMEBIO, NATURE AND PROGRES), they contain at least 95% of natural origin
3-The essential oils very concentrated in active principles are to use with precaution, they can be allergenic or toxic for a child of less than 3 years
4-The mention "hypoallergenic", unregulated only indicates that the manufacturer has formulated a product without known allergens and that he tested it on a panel of consumers
5-If you use cosmetics make sure not to exceed the period indicated in months on the packaging!
6-Do not hesitate to ask questions in the stores! It's your right. The REACH Regulation gives manufacturers and distributors 45 days to answer your questions
7-For the body, use creams based on vegetable oils when needed, or in cold weather for example. You can also massage your baby with sweet almond oil organic or borage oil
8-Prefer cotton wipes organic who wash themselves in a machine. If you use disposable wipes, make sure that they do not contain phenoxyethanol, parabens or perfumes!
9- Choose a toothpaste without for less than 3 years. Certified toothpastes organic usually do not have fluoride.
10- Avoid choosing products with dyes, they are potentially allergenic

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