July 12, 2024

Children's room: 5 tips to optimize the storage of toys

1 / The toy box
Furniture stores offer many different models, one preferably chooses a model specially designed for children which offers a large space of arrangement, an easy seizure of the content by thechild and a closing system that will not pinch your fingers!

2 / The bed with drawers
Convenient for children, drawers under the bed can store many games and toys without cluttering the bedroom.

3 / Transparent lockers on wheels
Thechild can see at a glance the toys that are in it, and the wheels will allow him to move his toys more easily.
4 / Shelves
Shelves to fix on the wall, in addition to decorating the walls they will be able to store some toys and books of thechild.
5 / The baskets in nets, ideal for stuffed animals
When'child accumulates a lot of fluff, difficult to accommodate all on the bed. We then think of the net basket to hang from the ceiling, a real lint tree, within easy reach of thechild !

10 Storage Organizer Ideas For Small Bedroom (July 2024)