June 9, 2023

Children's toys: a vulgar doll shocks American parents?

And this time, it's not cinema ... families Americans have indeed asked the chain of toys, Toys "R" Us, remove it from sale. Mothers of family indignant thought they heard the words "crazy bitch". I'll let you translate if you do not speak English fluently. This doll, wearing pink layette, is part of a group of interactive triplets "you and me". As for the other two dolls, they have a language quite correct.

A spokeswoman for Toys "R" Us, Jennifer Albano, says that the doll that is sold only in the country of Uncle Sam did not swear and that it was only "babbling". "We would not sell a doll that swears in any way." To the question, will the sign remove this doll from the sale? The answer is: "We do not intend to remove it from the sale".

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