April 17, 2024

Chloe Sevigny: her lace dress at the premiere of American Horror Story

Clipped hair back, carmine red mouth, smoky eyes and lace tight dress: Chloë Sevigny quickly raised the temperature in front of the photocall! It's in a sexy and chic look that the actress appeared at the launch party of the second season of American Horror Story, Sunday night in Los Angeles. Chloë Sevigny wore a two-tone dress in lace and white muslin sleeve. A glamorous style that went hand in hand with his pointed-toe pumps with vertiginous heels that sensually revealed his almost infinite legs. Chloë Sevigny has subtly played hide and seek with her body in her fine lace dress, revealing sexy nude lingerie. At the top of the dress, we find a more romantic style where the sleeve "vaporous" comes to dress with delicacy the left arm of the actress. No need for accessories to complete the look of Chloë Sevigny. Her dress itself is enough to sublimate it. Chloë Sevigny is undeniably a girl who has style!
In this second season of American Horror Story, we find the flagship characters of season 1 in the 50s. Chloë Sevigny plays the role of a nun who preaches in a psychiatric asylum. The first episode will air on October 17 in the United States.

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