October 25, 2021

Choose a pair of jeans and the good one!

You have flat buttocks
You will seek to gain volume through your jeans. Opt for a model with back flap pockets closed with buttons. Rhinestones or other tassels will also work: it just has to be raised to give volume to the buttocks.
Prefer a low or medium size but especially not a high waist that will literally "drown" your behind!
You have the buttocks
Favor the wide pockets that "coat" the buttocks: it will lose a little volume. Very important detail: the pockets must be well centered to give a harmonious line.
Opt for a medium or tall size that will highlight your curves without emphasizing the volume.
Little more: the high waist looks to be a strong trend of the coming months, enjoy!
You have wide hips
There, there is no hesitation to have: take a bootcut (slightly flared on the bottom) to rebalance the silhouette. And prefer a size not too high: the idea is to concentrate the impression of volume on the lower body.
Note: those with wide hips and flat buttocks will choose a jeans bootcut with pretty pockets.
You are petite
You are lucky because you can rush without complex on the jeans slim ! Favor the "rock attitude" to compose your silhouette: combine it with a short t-shirt and ballet flats.
The others, do not be sad: all the silhouettes can wear the slim. On the other hand, for the more round, think of rebalancing the volumes by associating it with a tunic and with boots.
And if really the slim do not be enchanted ... a little patience, the bootcut comes back in force!

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