January 16, 2022

Choose your lingerie

Lace, lycra, patterned or not, with small knots or purified ... to choose well its lingerieseveral kinds of criteria are available to us depending on the occasion for which we wish to wear it.
Choose your lingerie for everyday life
Opt for a lingerie in which you feel good, it is important because you will wear it from morning to night. Prefer natural materials, more pleasant than synthetic when you have to wear them for a long time. Today the technology offers a multitude of new materials adapted to your needs: moisturizing underwear, shaping, plumping, promoting blood circulation ... Finally, the comfort does not prevent the elegance so you have to do the right choice while respecting your style.
Choose your lingerie to go out or for a special occasion
Feeling beautiful also goes through the lingerie that you wear under your finery. If you wear a beautiful dress, assume to the end and do not neglect the lingerie that you wear below. Seduction is not always visible to the naked eye ...
Special occasions are the moment to dare to lace or bra push up to highlight a cleavage.
Choose your lingerie for sports
Some sports can be violent for keeping your chest on, so be careful. You have to invest in suitable underwear as a bra bra. Also be aware that if you sweat a lot, there are breathable materials to protect your skin.
Maintain your lingerie
If you care about your lingerieyou have to maintain it. Wash it by hand or on delicate machine programs. However, repeated passages in the drum of a washing machine can damage the armatures of the bras and cause some materials to fray. Also remember to preserve the colors with special washing products: the lingerie white often tends to become greyish over time.
Our advice
To avoid mistakes of taste: we do not wear dark underwear under clothes of light color especially as today there is the lingerie called "invisible" in the flesh tones. Likewise, do not hesitate to adopt the bras and panties without demarcation under tight clothing: you will gain in elegance.

Lingerie for your body type (January 2022)