April 17, 2024

Coco Rocha, retro rock at New York Fashion Week

Coco Rocha is one of the models of singular beauty, unique and mesmerizing. Nobody looks like him. And yet, all would like to look like him. Normal, with such eyes, and such a face. The Canadian supermodel seems moreover aware of its strengths, which it particularly highlights during public appearances. Like this Wednesday, at the Rachel Zoe show, for New York Fashion Week. Coco Rochaseated in front row, attracted all eyes. And for good reason, it was beautifully makeup (we barely exaggerate). The mannequin had covered her green eyes with a pearly white eyeshadow, resting on the entire mobile eyelid, and associated with a fine touch of metallic gray. She had then applied, in a long line, flush with the upper lashes, a deep black eye shadow, which she had stretched to the extreme. She then thickened the line, in the outer corner of the eye, to give a smoky effect. She had also enlarged her lashes with a mascara.
To perfect everything, Coco Rocha had painted his lips a lipstick red orange, rather flashy. A bright, almost neon color that warmed her diaphanous complexion and perfectly matched her coppery red coloring. Side hairstyle, the mannequin sported his pretty cut to the boy. Beautiful.

Coco Rocha and more arriving at the Longchamp Fashion Show in New York City (April 2024)