October 5, 2022

Conservation: where to put what food in the refrigerator?

The freezer is the coldest part of the refrigerator, between - 6 ° and - 32 ° C. But beware, who says freezer does not say freezer! A - 6 ° (1 star) you will leave your frozen one week maximum, at - 12 ° (2 stars) they will stay there only one month and from -18 ° or less (3 and 4 stars ) you will keep them for several months, but you can only freeze your preparations in a 4-star freezer (-32 °).

The temperature of the highest level of the refrigerator oscillates between 0 and 3 ° C, put them there meat, fish, crustaceans, opened preparations, thawed products. The middle one, with a temperature of about 4 ° to 6 ° C, will host the food (fish /meat/fruits/vegetables) cooked, dairy products, cheese fresh.
Place the cheese cooked, butter, fruits, vegetables on the lowest part (6/8 °) because they fear the cold weather. The bins to vegetables will host as their name indicates vegetablesNote that tomatoes and cucumbers do not support these temperatures a little too cool. They will be better preserved at room temperature.
The door is the hottest part of the refrigerator 7 to 8 ° C. It is often equipped with specific storage for butter, drinks, jams, condiments, eggs even if it is better to keep them outside, at least when the weather is suitable.

Always remove cartons or plastics from your products, which can carry bacteria and change the temperature of your refrigerator. Do not hesitate to pack your food in food film or place in airtight boxes so that raw and cooked does not mix.
Read the manual carefully to find out how your refrigerator works. Use a thermometer to accurately identify each area of ​​the device.

NB: Some refrigerators work differently, the cold is diffused uniformly throughout so as to avoid the formation of frost. They are said to be cold ventilated.