August 16, 2022

Cookies, cocktails & co: the madness of kitchen kits

My Kit Cookies or The Kits Cuisine, these new sites that offer turnkey formulas develop like rolls on the web: the idea is simple: to gather in a jar all the ingredients necessary for the preparation of a recipe, all accompanied by an explanatory sheet and voila. The guests will only see fire. Moreover, unlike preparations for dessertfor example, that can be found in supermarkets, thanks to the kits, we keep the feeling of cooking because all the ingredients are identifiable and perishable. They are prepared with care and ready to use. And there is something for everyone: sweetness with Cookies fluffy American style with small chocolates and oatmeal or salted with parmesan shortbread.

Halfway between the homemade and the can, the kitchen kits make it possible to realize dishes in a minimal time and in pleasant conditions. No need to go racing or negotiate with his doser, the kits will simplify the task of the hurry of us. At a girls' party, the magic of the New York or Cuba caskets works right away and here are some cocktails as good as in the hippest bars in Paris.

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