August 14, 2022

Cathy Guetta launches into fashion

Yes David Guetta takes care of his music, his turntables and to dance the world until the end of the night, he is also lucky to have by his side a woman able to manage his business. For some years now, the couple has been trying to make the name of Guetta a global brand.
After the evenings Fuck me I'am famous in Ibiza and the evenings Unighted at the Stade de France, Cathy Guetta decided to go into fashion. Thus, from September 3 to 6, she will be present at the fashion show Who's Next to launch its new brand, Tweety by Cathy Guetta, in partnership with Warner Bros.
We imagine glitter, the party, but also a lot of fantasy in this new brand that has a logo between electro and cartoon. Fashion specialists will be able to go to this trade show to discover a brand that declares itself "cute, fun and spirited". An entire program ! At the heart of this trendy brand, you'll recognize the merry Titi Warner Bros. cartoons. This Titi logo revisited with the claw Cathy Guetta will be sold to manufacturers and then offered directly in stores. As Cathy Guetta indicated a few weeks ago, it is not she who will take care of marketing.
The wife of David Guetta so is on all fronts, that of music for her husband and it would not be surprising to see her push the ditty soon, but also on that of cinema, fashion, publishing with his book Night bath... In short, nothing stops him, and he is sure that we will still hear about her!

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