June 23, 2021

My child does not like cuddles, it's serious?

Since he is tiny every moment of life is an excuse to cover him with kisses: change of diaper, games, sleep, when you dress ... Can not resist these chubby little legs! But for some time your child resistance, is remote and it hurts you. He who adored that, why did he become anti-cuddly?

The opinion of the specialist
Francine Nadeau is a psychologist specialized in psychotherapy for children in Sherbrooke.
"When is it going well between mum, dad and baby, the baby receives lots of kisses all over the body, and this is one of the great joys of early childhood. But whenchild becomes a little older, at the age of two, when he begins to acquire his autonomy, things change, because it will disturb him ", says Francine Nadeau.At ​​this age, baby is more and more open On the world around him and his curiosity is constantly solicited.You must understand that the kisses and cuddling sessions only delay him in his quest for discovery, in other words, he has his mind elsewhere!

It's not that he does not like, it's just not the right moment!
Look forward to the over-vitality of your child and be reassured, he still loves you so much, but he plays and does not want to be disturbed. It is important for the loving parent to mourn the early childhood period. The need for autonomy of thechild must be taken very seriously and must above all be respected, at the risk of turning it over for good. Do not force him and let him come to you. Each child has his own needs and the need for tenderness and hugs is never far but these moments it is now he who chooses them.

If this sad reality, know that it is a sign of good mental health for your child. Independence and autonomy are a sign of balance. Your child is certainly less cuddly, but it seems happy, dynamic and fulfilled so why worry? So take full advantage of the moments kisses he wants to grant you and let him go about his great business!

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